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USPS Mailing Software
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Mailing Software
Melissa Data Mailing Products

Melissa Data

Company Background
Melissa DATA Corp. was established in 1985 by Raymond Melissa in Orange County, Calif. The company began with a single product based on the practical idea to provide a database of postal ZIP Codes™ on floppy disks for use on a PC. Next was the development of USPS certified mailing software that can save mailers postage and printing costs and help them comply with all USPS regulations for discounted mailings.

Company Structure
Over the past 25 years, a team of programming and technical experts have developed more than 30 products and services, providing the greatest possible value in technology, reliability and cost-effectiveness. The company’s five progressive divisions provide their customers with data hygiene software, databases, developer tools, Web services, list enhancement services, mailing lists, and direct marketing agency services.

The company has developed an international reseller network, a nationally recognized catalog, and a dynamic website that averages over 70,000 unique visitors a day. Melissa DATA was named by DM Review Magazine as a Top 100 Company.

  • Available in two versions
  • Verify & standardize addresses
  • Presort for lower postage
  • Print labels, forms and tags
  • Print POSTNETTM and Intelligent Mail® Barcodes
  • SuiteLink TM data for business addresses
  • Link to Move Update services
  • Calculate your postal savings

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Data Quality Suite

  • Ensure the integrity of your database, catch customer data-input errors, and standardize data for faster processing.

  • Updates area codes that have split, corrects and fills in missing area codes. Standardizes data in telephone fields.

  • Parses full names into components and appends gender code to first name. Identifies vulgar words in name field.

  • Verifies, corrects, and standardizes email addresses in batch or at point of entry. Three levels of verification: Syntax, Local Database, and MXlookup.

  • A 24/7 address verification Web service for instant address validation and phone verification, correction, geocoding, and enhancement using any operating system with XML or SOAP.

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Match Up

  • Process dBASE, ASCII, Excel, Access, SQL and all ODBC accessed files directly
  • Fast processing, 10-50 million records per hour
  • Merge files with different field structures directly
  • Assign priority for eliminating duplicate records
  • Process up to 512 files in one run
  • Split name, address, and city/state/zip fields on the fly
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Available as a software program or customizable API

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Name Object
  • Parse names into five components
  • Parse multiple names in the same field
  • Standardize name suffixes
  • Flag nuisance names
  • Generate salutations
  • Recognize more than 140,000 first names
  • Add custom names
  • Rapid Application Development with sample code

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 Personator 4
  • Processes appx 100 million records an hour
  • Resolves double & mixed format name fields
  • Splits full names & inverse names
  • Drag & drop interface for files, databases, setups, & fields
  • Works directly with: xBASE, FoxPro, ASCII, Access, Excel, SQL Server, Oracle, DB/2 database types

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Right Fielder Object
  • Automatically fields varied, jumbled data to its proper field
  • Moves primary address into a consistent field
  • Works with dBASE and ASCII formats
  • Converts print image or label format files
  • Recognizes and marks foreign addresses
  • Fast processing- about 1 million records per hour

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  • Controls the formatting of data within mailing list fields
  • Simplified setup screens
  • Field Length
    Company Casing
    Email Casing and Correction
    ZIP Formatting
    Phone Formatting
    State Expansion
  • 10-20 million records per hour
  • Expanded user-defined defaults
  • Works with lists in dBASE & ASCII
  • 3 versions: Standard, Pro, and API

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540-949-7266 (Phone)

888-970-9944 (Toll-free)


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Mailing Software
Melissa Data

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