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USPS Mailing Software
USPS Mailing Software
USA Address Correction
USA Address Correction Software
International Address Correction
International Address Correction Software

Intl Software FAQ's



International Address Correction Software
International address correction and global data quality software for 240+ countries

FTI offers international data quality products from the major vendors and can recommend the most cost effective solution for your application. These include:

  • International address data correction
  • Access to global address data for 240+ countries worldwide
  • De-duplication, merge-purge and geocoding
  • Worldwide address data management

These solutions can be installed locally or utilized via web services. They can run as standalone applications or be integrated with existing database applications or utilized in a real-time web apps for address correction and global data cleansing. View our FAQ's for more information.

Solutions are available from Satori, Datatech SmartSoft, Melissa Data, and Trillium.

For current pricing and information about how these software packages compare, call

International Data Quality Solutions

Global Locator

  • Capture, cleanse and enhance customer name and address data at an international level
  • Optimize postal delivery results - fewer returns, less waste
  • Engage with your customers by addressing them personally and accurately
  • Improve the detail and accuracy of your customer profiling and market analysis
  • Use geocoding so that you know precisely where each customer and group of customers is
  • Access to global address data for 238 countries worldwide
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Data Quality Suite

  • Ensure the integrity of your database, catch customer data-input errors, and standardize data for faster processing for the USA and Canada.

  • Updates area codes that have split, corrects and fills in missing area codes. Standardizes data in telephone fields for the USA and Canada.

  • Parses full names into components and appends gender code to first name. Identifies vulgar words in name field.

  • Verifies, corrects, and standardizes email addresses in batch or at point of entry. Three levels of verification: Syntax, Local Database, and MXlookup.

  • A 24/7 address verification Web service for instant address validation and phone verification, correction, geocoding, and enhancement using any operating system with XML or SOAP.
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FTI offers a choice of the above data quality software packages and offers training based on the specific requirements of your business or organization.

Since 1986, FTI has provided mailing software solutions to clients in the Washington DC area and the country. FTI has the expertise to advise which software is the best choice for your application.

Best Price - Best Service - Best Training
We beat the price of any authorized seller on recommended software

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Read about our price guarantee

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