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USPS Mailing Software
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Mailing Software
Bulk Mailer
Simply Powerful Address Management Tools

Bulk Mailer address quality tools ensure that you are using the best data for mailing and qualify those mailings for the lowest postage rates. Increased address quality delivers more mail, offers better return on investment and improves overall satisfaction with direct mail.


Bulk Mailer


Satori Software:
Simply Powerful Address Management Tools

  • Standard (up to 5000 records per mailing)
  • Professional (up to 1,000,000 records per mailing)
  • Business (unlimited records per mailing)

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Bulk Mailer products deliver best volume mailing preparation in a stand-alone application.




  • CASS Certified™ for address correction
  • PAVE™ certified postal presorting
  • Real-time*NCOALink®Link® service
  • Lowest postage rates
  • Prepares USPS® compliant mailings faster and more easily
  • Provides USPS® documentation
  • Custom high-speed printer support
  • Optional advanced presorts and more



  • CASS Certified™ for address correction
  • PAVE™ certified postal presorting
  • Real-time* Move Update service usingNCOALink®Link processing
  • USPS® documentation
  • List cleansing
  • Job Builder
  • Custom address printer support
  • High-performance, multiuser architecture
  • Integrated Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Multiuser environment supports template sharing
  • Unlimited number of user-defined fields
  • Package mailings with reports for backup or transfer
  • Archive older mailings
  • Options and add-ons
  • Expand the capabilities of Bulk Mailer as your business grows


Systems Requirements


  • OS: Windows 2000, XP or Vista
  • Processor: Pentium 2 GHZ or higher
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM or more

Optimal Performance

  • Processor: Pentium Dual Core 2.5 GHZ or better
  • Memory: 3 or 4 GB RAM
  • Hard Disk: 10 GB free space
Call for Pricing: 888-970-9944 (Toll-free)

Powerfully advanced mailing software

Make your mailing operation much more productive with Bulk Mailer — prepare USPS® compliant mailings faster and more easily. Achieve increased mail deliverability and the lowest postage rates all while avoiding the aggravation of deciphering complex postal regulations. This next generation of the Bulk Mailer series sports a sophisticated new interface and the option to upgrade to a Microsoft® SQL Server database for faster performance with the largest address data files.

Increase Quality, Increase Results

Bulk Mailer address quality tools ensure that you are using the best data for mailing and qualify those mailings for the lowest postage rates. Increased address quality delivers more mail, offers better return on investment and improves overall satisfaction with direct mail. Bimonthly updates, sent on DVDs and available for download, provide the latest USPS address management files.

CASS Certified for Address Correction

Standardize abbreviations and address formats to USPS guidelines, correct the spelling of streets and cities and verify deliverability, includes DPV®, LACSLink® and SuiteLink™ processing. Add missing postal data including nine-digit ZIP® codes, eLOT® and carrier route numbers, delivery points and more; then generate USPS Form 3553.

Real-Time Move Update Service

Use our built-in Move Update service to process lists against the full 48-monthNCOALink®Link data set in real-time. There’s no manual import/export and no messy data merge. The only change-of-address method that updates address lists BEFORE the mail is printed and sent,NCOALink®Link processing meets USPS Move Update requirements for First-Class Mail® and Standard Mail® discounts.

List Cleansing

The included Duplication Search wizard offers multiple search options and field combinations for precise results. Upgrade to Merge/Purge to combine, compare and eliminate duplicates from disparate list types. Process lists against a suppression list to meet Do-Not-Mail requirements.

Import and Export Files
Work with a wide variety of address files without hassle.

  • Supported file formats include comma or tab delimited, Fixed Length, dBase, XML and Microsoft Access and Excel
  • Intelligent field mapping automatically suggests matches
  • Increase productivity, save settings for similar data files in templates

View and Edit Records
List Views present addresses in a spreadsheet for quick review. Spot anomalies and validate the results of group criteria. Update, split or combine fields in all active records. Cut, copy and paste groups of records — even to and from Microsoft Excel.

Detail Views offer organized access to data fields in an address-card format. Easily add, validate and update individual records.

Easily limit a mailing to a subset of your list. Define criteria and sort options for a more targeted mailing.

  • Any field or set of fields may be used to define a group
  • Conditions include custom, predefined and data sampling
  • Preset groups include All Corrected Records, All Move Update Records and more

Full-featured, USPS PAVE Certified Presorting

Sort address lists for the lowest possible postal rates and generate all required USPS documentation, reports and postage statements. The Mail Sort wizard makes presorting easy for everyone from the novice to the seasoned expert.

Mail Sort Wizard Features

  • First-Class Mail, Standard Mail and Periodicals presorts
  • SCF, BMC, ADC and DDU entry point discounts. Management of multiple mailing permits
  • All required USPS documentation: Qualification Report, Postage Statement forms 3602, 3541 and 3600, and others
  • Advanced settings for minimum or maximum pieces per container, type of tray and maximum sack weight
  • Generates barcoded sack and tray tags
  • A convenient settings report
  • Append a presort ID and other mailing data for use in other environments
  • Presort add-ons include Package Services, Mixed Weights and Palletization

State-of-the-Art, Printing Control

Take full advantage of your address printer — Bulk Mailer provides built-in support for model specific features. Address printing features include barcoding, an optional endorsement line, compressed fields and an intelligent address block. It also includes support for fonts, images — for example, your logo — grids, package spacers and more.

Industry-Leading Layout Design

  • Precisely set label and envelope dimensions
  • Select Intelligent Mail® or POSTNET™ barcoding
  • Specify when to print each element
    - Always
    - On the first or last piece within a group or container
    - According to a conditional statement
  • Draw lines, rectangles and circles

Custom Drivers for High-Speed Address Printers

Our custom drivers eliminate the need to manually program your printer. Printer specific controls include DPI, belt speed, page size and more. Print directly to popular models including Astrojet, Bryce, Hasler, Neopost, RENA, Secap and others, or output a print file when needed.

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Advanced Features and Capabilities

Combine Tasks for Automated Processing

Available with Bulk Mailer Professional and Business, Job Builder allows you to increase productivity by combining a series of template-based tasks into a complete mailing job.

Be more productive with Job Builder.

  • Include any task defined by a template
  • Set a job to pause after the completion of any task
  • Edit job templates as needs change

High-Performance, Multiuser Architecture

Built for the highest-volume mailers, Bulk Mailer Business offers advanced capabilities that offer faster performance with large address files and support team-based processes.

  • Integrated Microsoft SQL-based database
  • Multiuser environment supports template sharing
  • Unlimited number of user-defined fields
  • Package mailings with reports for backup or transfer
  • Archive older mailing

Advanced Presorts, Data Sets and Utilities

Expand the capabilities of Bulk Mailer as your business grows. Add-ons enable Bulk Mailer to meet the most demanding mailing requirements.

  • Advanced Presorting
    Package Services, Mixed Weights or Palletization
  • Data Enhancement
    Move Update credits, Geocode, RDI™ Interface or Monthly Updates
  • Utilities
    Merge/Purge, Mail.dat or Move Update server

Compare the different editions of Bulk Mailer:

Bulk Mailer Standard Professional Business
Address record limit 5000 up to 1 million unlimited
Microsoft SQL Server database   checkmark
Multiuser environment     checkmark
CASS Certified™ for address correction
Includes DPV®, LACSLink® and SuiteLink™ processing
checkmark checkmark checkmark
PAVE™ certified postal presorting
First-Class Mail®, Standard Mail® and Periodicals
checkmark checkmark checkmark
Built-in real-time*NCOALink®Link® service optional checkmark checkmark
Adds missing postal data
ZIP + 4™, carrier route, eLOT® and more
checkmark checkmark
Duplication removal checkmark checkmark checkmark
Entry point discounts
checkmark checkmark checkmark
Enhanced sorts
Carrier route, walk sequence, automation and non-automation
checkmark checkmark checkmark
USPS documents and qualification report
PS form 3553, 3602, 3541, and 3600
checkmark checkmark checkmark
Graphical mail piece designer checkmark checkmark checkmark
High-speed printer support and drivers checkmark checkmark checkmark
Barcoded sack and tray labels checkmark checkmark checkmark
Intelligent Mail® barcode support checkmark checkmark checkmark
User-defined fields 22 22 unlimited
Job Builder   checkmark checkmark
Advanced presorting
Package Services, Mixed Weights, Palletization
  optional optional
Mail.dat file generation   optional optional
Merge/Purge   optional optional
RDI™ Interface   optional optional
Geocoding   optional optional
Live Update checkmark checkmark checkmark
Free online training checkmark checkmark checkmark
Toll-free technical support checkmark checkmark checkmark
* Satori Software receives weeklyNCOALink®Link updates.

Satori Data Services

Take your contact data quality beyond address correction with Satori Software list enhancement and suppression services. Better data quality helps you achieve the best results from your mailings and marketing campaigns. Now you can supplement your CRM database with additional consumer or business data tailored to your goals. The following options represent only a partial view of the wide array of available data.

Enhancement Services

ECOA (Extended Change-of-Address)
Updates addresses using sources other than the USPS® NCOALink® data set, including magazine subscriptions, catalog houses, insurance and credit companies. Identify up to 20% more moves up to 5 years old.

Apartment Number

Appends residential unit numbers based on the submitted name and address. Complements SuiteLink® processing, which appends unit numbers for business addresses, to further reduce undeliverable and misdirected mail.

Walk Sequence

Appends and updates walk sequence and carrier route numbers. These codes are required for USPS High Density and Saturation postage discounts, which can reduce postage

Suppression Suite

Flags records that match entries in do-notmail,deceased person and correctional facility lists. Manually review results or remove records automatically. Improve mailing ROI by removing people that are unwilling or unable to respond.


Replaces names with the head-of household and appends the gender on record for that person. Perfect for address lists without names, and for geographically targeted mailings.

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Read about our price guarantee


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