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USPS Mailing Software
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Data Fielding and Parsing Software
StyleList 5

Controls the formatting of data within mailing list fields

StyleList is the perfect tool to control the formatting of data within mailing list fields. Now you can quickly and easily add the personal look that will boost your mailing's success - and yours.






  • Increase response rates
  • Improve ROI and bottom line
  • Enhance marketing efforts
  • Work with clean, organized data
  • Save time and labor costs

Pro Series version benefits:

  • Processes twice as fast
  • Does batch runs
  • Includes a handy subset of dBASE commands most commonly used with mailing lists


  • Simplified setup screens
  • 10-20 million records per hour
  • Expanded user-defined defaults
  • Works with lists in dBASE & ASCII
  • 3 versions: Standard, Pro, and API

Systems Requirements

This 32-bit product exploits advanced Windows features such as 32-bit code, Windows 95/98/NT/2000,Vista controls, long file names, and large file (over 2 GB) access.

Call for Pricing: 888-970-9944 (Toll-free)

Controls casing, field lengths, abbreviations, and punctuation in name and address databases

StyleList is the perfect tool to control the formatting of data within mailing list fields. Now you can quickly and easily add the personal look that will boost your mailing's success - and yours.

  • Easily customized - works with Keyword Tables which you control.
  • It even makes files more uniform so they merge, sort, and de-duplicate better!
  • Correctly cases company names like “BanCorporation,” “booktech.com,” “IBM Worldwide,” and “BUY.COM.”
  • Correctly cases “Mc” and “Mac” names (“MacNamara,” “Macey”) and also less common prefixes like “Del” and “Von” (“DelGado,” “VonBraun”).
  • Understands that “MS” is “Ms” in a prefix. “M.S.” in a suffix and “MS” in a state. Special handling for words like “CO”, “RD”, “ST”, etc.

StyleList comes with a suite of integrated utilities like the fastest, most visual ASCII/DBF converter; a Search & Replace module; and a superb Edit/Browse capability which lets you see your data in many useful ways.

StyleList5 makes it all seem so simple:

Field Length - Expands or compresses data to the field widths you specify. Never truncates.

- Converts to Upper/Lower or ALL UPPER. Properly cases all US/Canadian postal abbreviations and casing exceptions in names.

Street Casing
- Handles difficulties encountered when working with street addresses.

- Expands or creates. Select "Casual" or "Aggressive."

- Adds or strips proper punctuation in names & addresses.

Company Casing
- Through the use of a special 4-letter word table, StyleList has a better working knowledge of what is a word and what is an acronym.

Email Casing and Correction
- Removes illegal characters from email addresses and completes truncated domain names (i.e., “user @aol” becomes “user@aol.com”).

ZIP Formatting
- “Un-Excels” ZIP® fields by fixing ZIP codes that have lost their leading zeros. Standardizes ZIP +4® and Canadian Postal Codes.

Phone Formatting
- Standardizes phone numbers into a variety of formats.

State Expansion
– Fully spells out state names for formal address labels



540-949-7266 (Phone)

888-970-9944 (Toll-free)


Read about our price guarantee


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