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USPS Mailing Software
USPS Mailing Software
USA Address Correction
USA Address Correction Software
International Address Correction
International Address Correction Software

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Data Fielding and Parsing Software
(Database Tools)
Data Fielding and Parsing Software
(Database Tools)

  • Link to Census data to profile customers
  • Pinpoint and analyze information by location
  • Provide dealer/store locator lookups to Web visitors
  • Multiplatform with 32/64 bit versions
  • Updated quarterly

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Name Object
  • Parse names into five components
  • Parse multiple names in the same field
  • Standardize name suffixes
  • Flag nuisance names
  • Generate salutations
  • Recognize more than 140,000 first names
  • Add custom names
  • Rapid Application Development with sample code

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 Personator 4

  • Now Name Object

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Rightfielder 3
  • Automatically fields varied, jumbled data to its proper field
  • Moves primary address into a consistent field
  • Works with dBASE and ASCII formats
  • Converts print image or label format files
  • Recognizes and marks foreign addresses
  • Fast processing- about 1 million records per hour

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  • Controls the formatting of data within mailing list fields
  • Simplified setup screens
  • Field Length
    Company Casing
    Email Casing and Correction
    ZIP Formatting
    Phone Formatting
    State Expansion
  • 10-20 million records per hour
  • Expanded user-defined defaults
  • Works with lists in dBASE & ASCII
  • 3 versions: Standard, Pro, and API
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