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Bulk Mailing Software

Direct mail and bulk mail software has never been so easy. FTI software specialists can help to determine which software package is designed to fit your business requirements.

Bulk Mail can Save you a Bundle

Direct Business Mail allows you to market with a low-cost, tried and true method of gaining some ROI in this challenging economy:

  • Cut costs with IMb andNCOALink® move update compliance
  • Mailing Software helps manage your mailing lists
  • Understand Bulk Mail requirements and regulations
  • Save on Postal Rates with compliant solutions

If you find yourself mailing more than 1,000 pieces or more at a time, utilizing your staff to process mail and are looking for a strategic way to reduce your postage costs - contact FTI for the best price in automation-compatible mailings to make sure that you pay the lowest postage rates possible.

Mailing Software allows you to streamline the mailing process,
saving you time and find out how:


Bulk Mailer Series
 MailRoom ToolKit Office
 MailRoom ToolKit Architect
PlanetPress Suite Objectif Lune
Mail Manager 2010 LE
 Mail Manager 2010
 Mail Manager Full Service

  Melissa Data  Mailers+4 Standard
 Mailers+4 Professional
  Satori SmartAddresser 5 LT
 SmartAddresser 5 Full
  SAP Postalsoft DeskTop Mailer
 Postalsoft Business Edition
 Postalsoft Professional Edition

Mailing Software

  • Bulk Mailer Standard
  • Bulk Mailer Professional
  • Bulk Mailer Business
  • MailRoom Toolkit Office
  • MailRoom Toolkit Architect
  • Mail Manager 2010
  • Mail Manager 2010 LE
  • Mail Manager Full Service
  • Mailers+4 Standard
  • Mailers+4 Professional
  • PostalSoft Professional Suite
  • PostalSoft Business Edition
  • PostalSoft DeskTop Mailer
  • SmartAddresser 5
  • Smart Addresser 5 LT

Founded in 1986, Freelance Technologies Inc. (FTI) is a total solutions provider of bulk mail, marketing and data quality tools. FTI helps companies acquire and retain customers, validate and enhance contact data, improve marketing ROI, and save money on postage and mail processing.

Since 1986, FTI has helped companies like American Psychological Assoc., Georgetown University, Morgan Meredith & Associates, FBI, and the Marine Corps improve customer communications. FTI's client list.

What is IMB?


540-949-7266 (Phone)

888-970-9944 (Toll-free)

Read about our price guarantee

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