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About Bulk Mailing

Commercial Mailing

To learn about the mailing process in depth, go to the USPS website link below


Commercial mail, Direct Mail, or bulk mail, is your best option if you mail in volume. In order to claim these lower prices, you must have a minimum quantity and do some additional work to make your mail easier for the Postal Service to handle.


  • A proven, cost-effective business tool
  • Offers a lower price on postage for the work you perform
  • Can accommodate a variety of business needs
  • Gives your business or organization a professional image with customers
  • Can promote your business or organization name through use of permit imprint, postage meter, or PC Postage technology


Your incentive depends on the mailing service you choose and the work you do. For example, if you mail 1,000 letter-sized flyers to everyone in your ZIP Code advertising your business's sale, it would cost $0.42 per piece for retail First-Class Mail postage, or $420.

If you mail 1,000 flyers using Standard Mail to everyone in your ZIP Code by adding a barcode, sorting them by carrier route, and depositing them at the Post Office designated by your business mail entry unit, you might pay as little as $0.137 per piece, or $137.



The postage depends on the mailing service you choose and the characteristics of your mail piece.

For any commercial mailing, you must do some of the work the Postal Service would otherwise do. The work you do, such as preparing, sorting, and entering your mailing, can lower your postage costs.

You must pay an annual mailing fee at each facility where you enter mail. Different mailing services may require separate fees. For example, First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, and Package Services require separate $180 annual presort mailing fees.
Other optional aspects of a commercial mailing, such as using permit imprints, business reply mail, or mailing endorsements, may require additional fees.


Even if your mailing has the required number of mail pieces to qualify for a discount price, you still have to perform some of the work the Postal Service would normally do to receive the discount. When deciding whether to undertake a commercial mailing, you should consider:

  • Your technology
    Your technology and equipment, such as computers and software, will influence the discount services you can use and the time it will take you to complete the work.
  • Your budget
    The amount of money you spend on a mailing is more than just the cost of postage. You should also consider the cost of designing and printing your mail pieces and obtaining a mailing list.

If you cant dedicate the technology or time to a commercial mailing, consider using a mail service provider or retail mailing services, which lets you quickly prepare and send your mailing. As your business grows, your resources may allow you to take advantage of additional discounts.


To qualify for bulk mailing discounts, your mailing must have at least the minimum quantity for its mailing class. The minimums for each mailing class are as follows:

  • First-Class Mail - 500 pieces
  • Standard Mail - 200 pieces or 50 pounds of mail
  • Bound Printed Matter - 300 pieces
  • Media Mail - 300 pieces
  • Library Mail - 300 pieces

To successfully complete a commercial mailing, you should be familiar with all of the general steps. Use this list to review these steps as you begin your commercial mailing.

  • Choose a Mailing System
  • Purchase Mailing Software
  • Choose a Postage Payment Method
  • Get the Required Mailing Permit
  • Prepare Your Mail piece
  • Get an Address List
  • Check the Accuracy of Your Mailing Address List
  • Sort Your Mail
  • Fill Out a Postage Statement
  • Enter Your Mail

To learn about the mailing process in depth, go to the USPS website link below

Mailing Software

  • Bulk Mailer 5 Pro & Standard
  • MailRoom Toolkit Office
  • MailRoom Toolkit Architect
  • Mail Manager 2010
  • Mail Manager 2010 LE
  • Mail Manager Full Service
  • Mailers+4 Standard
  • Mailers+4 Professional
  • PostalSoft Professional Suite
  • PostalSoft Business Edition
  • PostalSoft DeskTop Mailer
  • SmartAddresser 5
  • Smart Addresser 5 LT

Founded in 1986, Freelance Technologies Inc. (FTI) is a total solutions provider of direct mail, marketing and data quality tools. FTI helps companies acquire and retain customers, validate and enhance contact data, improve marketing ROI, and save money on postage and mail processing.

Since 1986, FTI has helped companies like American Psychological Assoc., Georgetown University, Morgan Meredith & Associates, FBI, and the Marine Corps improve customer communications. FTI's client list.


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Read about our price guarantee

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