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Bulk Mailing Tips
Providing answers to simple and complex mailing questions.

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IMb Information:
Using Intelligent Mail Barcode®
to replace a POSTNET™ Barcode

Are you ready to replace POSTNET barcodes with Intelligent Mail barcodes? It can be as easy as getting a Mailer ID and downloading the necessary font and encoding software - all of which are free from the USPS®!    You will find Intelligent Mail barcode to be more robust, capable of encoding more information, and it minimizes the space used on the mailpiece.

The Mailer Identifier (MID) is a field within the Intelligent Mail barcode that is used to identify mailers. MIDs are assigned by the USPS® to a Mail Owner, Mailing Agent or other service providers who request them.

Follow these five easy steps:

  1. Login to the Business Customer Gateway and register (on the upper right corner) with a username, password and company information.
  2. Request a Mailer ID (MID) by following the online instructions within the Design and Track section of the Gateway site.  Once your request is approved, your mailer ID will be available to you in this section of the site.
  3. Register for Business Customer Gateway access, which you will use to submit electronic documentation
  4. Download the font and encoding software at   
  5. Setup your presort, including the appropriate Service Type ID which can be found at 
  6. Print your address block, including the Intelligent Mail barcode

For complete USPS Intelligent Mail® Barcode Technical Resource Guide click here.





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Read about our price guarantee

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