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Transpromotional Marketing
Transpromo Software - Using transactional statements or customer invoices and creating a marketing opportunity.

Transform your business documents into advertising vehicles! Transpromotional Software allows you to enhance and customize mailings, saving you time and earning money.

Are you looking to:

  • Get real-time return on your investment (ROI)
  • Increase response rates
  • Differentiate yourself from competition

Transpromotional software provides customized marketing to your established customer base through smart data printing solutions for all types of businesses. Transpromotional Marketing (Transpromo) helps to:

  • create more valuable statements
  • become more effective at generating sales and long-term customer relationships
  • produce ongoing sustainable customer dialogues
  • create more profitable customer relations
  • creates more efficient operations.

Personalized and relevant communications and marketing are essential for your business success.

What is Transpromotional Marketing:

Simply, TransPromo is the combination of transactional information with promotional materials in a single document. The TransPromo materials appear as digitally printed 'onserts' (promotional materials printed directly on the transactional document). This eliminates the need for static, pre-printed shells, allowing the entire document to be personalized, modified, updated and printed directly.

Transpromotional marketing is not a segmented marketing offer, but instead is directed at a company's existing client base, and tied to an existing, reoccurring, communication stream. TransPromo uses 'high value relationship statements' as an opportunity to incorporate a personalized and highly relevant message that includes a 'call to action' on the recipient's part. The results and ROI can be measured and evaluated.

Transpromo brings together the marketing and operations departments to create a cost effective, focused marketing effort which has been shown to have improved ROI.

Reasons why TransPromo Marketing works:

Statements are becoming an even more valuable component for customer marketing and communications as other channels are decreasing in effectiveness due to spam filters and do-not-call lists. Transpromotional marketing is more effective due to:

1. Unrivaled Openability. Customers expect statements and invoices and more than 95% of transaction documents are opened and read each month – significantly more than any other type of direct response effort.

2. High Involvement. Invoices and statements receive more attention than any other form of communication The average customer spends between one and three minutes for statement review. Not only are they viewed, but these transactional statements are often viewed more than once.

3. Trusted Media. e-security and telephone fraud continue to make headlines, but almost everyone trusts the United States Postal Service to send and deliver mail – including highly important transactional statements.

4. Greater Returns. Since your company is already mailing statements, this is one of the most cost-efficient marketing communication channels. Statement-based marketing is also more effective simply because of the target audience: current customers.

5. Target market and relevant focused marketing effort. Since these are already customers you know they are the target market and a captive audience. This is a target market where your business marketing efforts can focus on cross selling or up selling your products.

Product Information

We offer world class workflow management tools for creation and printing of transactional and promotional variable content documents as well as advanced automated distribution. Click here for product summaries.

  • PrintShop Mail: PrintShop Mail is a standalone product for fast and efficient production of promotional documents. Import any design, merge it with data from any database, add powerful business rules, and print it optimized and at rated speed to any printer.

  • The PlanetPress Suite: A suite of software modules that enables easy creation, printing and distribution of transactional documents and business forms integrating variable data as well as offering advanced automated workflow management capabilities. Documents created with PlanetPress Suite can be printed in high-volume, archived, emailed and/or faxed as part of a sophisticated output management application.
Freelance Technologies Inc. offers a variety of documentation software services that each provide unique, specific capabilities for your business development. Learn more about the the variable data marketplace and give us a call to find a solution tailored to your needs.

Transpromotional Software allows you to enhance and customize mailings,
saving you time and earning money.


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Read about our price guarantee

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