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Digi-Shop: Print MIS and Print Estimating Software
Digital Print and Mail Management

Digi-Shop™ is a breakthrough program designed specifically for managing cross media campaigns, mailings, and postage. It assists those providing web-to-print, digital print, mail services, and other data-driven marketing services. With Digi-Shop™ you can quickly implement a powerful solution to create estimates, track production, account for postage, and ensure unparalleled productivity.

Digi-Shop™ is an open architecture system with maximum adaptability for integrating your business needs. Moreover, this flexibility has provided our customers with the ability to reinforce and grow the most profitable areas of their companies.



  • Estimates
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Service Pricing
  • Invoicing
  • Advanced Postage Accounting
  • Purchase Order
  • Accounting Integration
  • Customers
  • Production Management
  • Scheduling
  • Job Costing
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Palm Inventory
  • Shop Floor Data Collection
  • Virtual Kiosk
  • Smartphone Applications
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  • Establish pricing standards for cross media campaigns
  • Simple production planning
  • Track projects in a single database
  • Biometric shop floor tracking
  • Detailed postage accounting
  • Unprecedented profitability analysis
  • Faster turnaround on invoices
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Details on Key Features for Digi-Shop™:


Digi-Shop Estimating allows you to create, update, track, and send comprehensive and professional estimates to your customers and prospects. You will be able to build an estimate with the Digi-Shop standard service pricing matrix, and then customize the estimate as needed for the customer or the specific project. A major benefit is reduced data entry – all of the information you enter in the estimate will transfer to a work order with a single click.

  • Create an estimate in 1 to 2 minutes
  • Wizards guide you through complex service pricing
  • Email estimates to your customers
  • Estimate single or multiple quantities
  • Automatically estimate postage
  • Track and manage estimate status
  • Include postage estimate as needed
  • Export estimate to Digi-Shop work order
  • Single-click creation of a new estimate from an existing work order

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Order Management

Digi-Shop order management helps you create and track orders/jobs for your shop. The same services and wizards used to generate your estimate pricing are used to collect instructions for your work orders. Customer Service can build out work orders with instructions for specific requirements and materials for the job. Work order reports communicate all necessary information to operators, production management, and warehouse personnel.

  • Export estimates directly to work orders
  • Copy old work orders to save data entry time
  • Link required material components to be used on the job
  • Enter department-specific job instructions
  • Print job jacket documentation (work orders, staging tags, materials requisition, etc.)
  • Build multiple package or version jobs into a single work order
  • Track postage affixed on the job
  • Link pertinent documents to the work order for others to view
  • Track order progress through your shop
  • Create invoices directly from the work order details
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Inventory Management

Digi-Shop Inventory Management provides you with the tools needed to effectively and efficiently manage the flow of your own and your customer’s materials in your shop. Combined with our Palm Inventory and Online Customer Service Module (OCSM), users can give their clients real-time access to inventory levels in your warehouse. Digi-Shop helps you establish and abide by workflow procedures that can eliminate many of your inventory headaches, including lost or misplaced inventory, handling leftover materials, and better utilizing your warehouse space.

  • Batch inventory receipt of multiple materials
  • Streamlined material receipt process
  • Detailed material movement tracking reports
  • Warehouse location management
  • Pickup/Delivery report creation for drivers
  • Available inventory and many other inventory analysis reports

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Service Pricing

One of the main benefits of implementing Digi-Shop is consistent and standardized pricing. The services or tasks that your company performs for clients have base and minimum pricing attached to them, along with possible volume discount percentages. For more complex services, Digi-Shop Pricing Wizards allow you to configure series of factors to help build the price for exactly what you are doing for the customer.

  • Standard service price list
  • Powerful pricing wizards allow for variable pricing
  • Service Pricing Matrix and Pricing Wizards are customized for your company
  • Volume discounts for each service
  • Customer specific pricing
  • Ability to update prices on estimates and orders as needed

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Digi-Shop provides the tools and details required to invoice your customers directly from the Order Management module. Once the job is complete in your shop, and has been dropped at the PO or delivered to the client, you can choose from several versions of invoice report formats for your customers.

  • Uses the detail built in the work order as the source for invoice details
  • Fully detailed invoices showing services, postage and instructions
  • Summarized invoices showing only department totals
  • Email invoices directly from Digi-Shop
  • After invoicing, can link invoice information to several leading accounting programs

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Advanced Postage Accounting

Digi-Shop provides advanced postage accounting tracking of customer postage funds as they travel through your company. You will be able to track funds received from customers and apply them directly to several different jobs, or hold them in an escrow account for future jobs. Detailed reports allow for quick analysis of customer postage account balance and status.

  • Receive customer postage advances
  • Track customer escrow balances
  • Apply leftover funds to services balance
  • Refund leftover customer funds or escrow balance
  • Earmark/reserve postage funds for specific orders
  • Track postage device inventory

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Purchase Orders
Digi-Shop allows you to create and track purchase orders that may be for general purchases, or purchases specifically related to an existing order. When purchase orders are connected to orders, they provide valuable information used when calculating overall job profitability. They also help to take control of company and departmental purchases.

  • Link cost of purchased items to work orders
  • Maintain important vendor information
  • Select specific inventory items to be purchased from vendors
  • Push purchase order line items to work order line items
  • Email purchase orders to vendors directly from Digi-Shop

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Accounting Integration

Digi-Shop has been developed to easily integrate accounting information to several accounting packages. Digi-Shop will allow for the export of detailed invoice and postage receipt information to your accounting system, so that your accounting staff will not waste time entering invoices manually. Not only can this save a great amount of time, but it can also significantly reduce keypunch errors.

Digi-Shop integrates with the following accounting packages:

  • QuickBooks
  • PeachTree
  • MAS90
  • Great Plains
  • AccPac
  • Simply Accounting
  • BusinessWorks
  • DACEasy
  • SAP

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Digi-Shop provides a valuable tool not only for simply storing customer address and contact information, but also for managing your customer and prospect relationships. The CRM Module allows users to schedule calls, emails, and appointments with customers and prospects, along with reminder pop-up windows. All activities can also be recorded so that you can track valuable customer information via historical calls, emails, and direct discussions.

  • Customer records with multiple contacts and addresses
  • Customer Type to differentiate between customer and prospect records
  • Schedule appointments for CSRs and Sales Reps with alarm reminders
  • Automatically log customer email communications in contact history
  • CRM Activities List provides customer service daily to-do list
  • Enter customer specific pricing

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Production Management

Digi-Shop helps you plan for and manage the flow of jobs through your shop. Jobs are visible through a variety of tools – on-screen and paper reports – providing a centralized resource for your staff. Through the use of the Digi-Shop Job Board as well as an on-screen schedule, Owners, Production Managers, CSRs, and other staff can get a quick, interactive view of summary information on jobs and tasks currently in-house. This information is vital to answering customer inquiries and making decisions on production capabilities and priorities.

  • Interactive Job Board displays all In-house jobs, including status
  • Dynamic sort and view options on Job Board
  • Quick Link from Job Board to job detail and schedule information
  • Simple Indication of tasks and jobs completed (includes real-time link from the Virtual Kiosk)
  • Production Reports and Schedules
  • Provides tools for Production Planning Meetings
  • Manage completion of individual tasks within orders
  • Quick update of job quantities from a centralized location

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The Digi-Shop Scheduling Module is designed for organizations that need to optimize the production planning and scheduling functions.

The Digital Print industry needs flexibility in scheduling jobs and responding to customer demands. The Digi-Shop Scheduling Module has been designed specifically for the Digital Print industry, making it easy to quickly change schedules in response to daily mailing deadlines.

  • View jobs by task
  • View all jobs scheduled to drop in the week
  • View color coded job priorities
  • View Schedules by month, week, job, and task
  • View pertinent information for all jobs on the schedule
  • Easily change schedules
  • Quickly link to details of the job
  • Generate hardcopy schedules and reports

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Job Costing

Digi-Shop’s Job Costing allow you to track total employee time and the time logged against a job to determine profitability. Digi-Shop also provides the ability to capture productivity rates by employee, machine, and shift to assist your organization in evaluating production staff, management, and pricing of services.

  • Maintain employee time records for payroll
  • Analyze employee productivity
  • Calculate profitability of a job
  • Analyze pricing models and variables
  • Monitor job costs through detailed reports
  • Optimize labor costs by leveling resource allocation

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Reporting & Analysis

Digi-Shop provides you, as the owner, with tools to analyze your revenue streams, labor costs, and profitability of customers/clients. This information can assist in you in justifying additional capital expenditures, target highly profitable clients, and discover your most productive employees.

The built in reports also assist your staff in managing their projects as well as answering customer requests.

  • Manage prospects and customers for marketing opportunity
  • Calculate profitability of a job
  • Analyze pricing models and variables
  • Review sales figures and comparisons by customer, job and service
  • Manage purchasing, customer postage, inventory, job issues and production
  • Readily print, email or export all report data

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Palm Inventory

Digi-Shop Palm Inventory provides a method for extremely accurate tracking of inventory usage and movement in your warehouse. The Palm Inventory Unit complements the Digi-Shop Inventory Management System by streamlining the Inventory Tracking process.

  • Allows for mobility around the warehouse
  • Print barcoded labels for warehouse locations and inventory items
  • Transaction report to review before committing transactions to inventory
  • Includes handheld Palm Unit designed for warehouse environment
  • Ability to move, subtract, and add inventory as transactions occur

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Shop Floor Data Collection

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Virtual Kiosk

The Digi-Shop Virtual Kiosk system is a real-time means for capturing Timesheet and Job Tracking data on the production floor using a touchscreen and advanced biometrics. Virtual Kiosk allows your staff to readily clock in and out, view jobs, verify status, and log production time on jobs. The information tracked allows managers to access real-time Job-Costing data for profitability and productivity analysis.

The Virtual Kiosk is a standalone touchscreen workstation that is installed on the Production Flow and connects to your Digi-Shop database.

  • Biometric shop floor kiosk
  • Integrated time clock system
  • Payroll reporting
  • Job-Costing data capture
  • Productivity analysis by employee and shift on each job
  • Analyze production by employee, department, supervisor, etc.
  • Allows you to track temporary employees
  • Supports multiple shifts in multiple locations
  • Differentiation between production and non-production time
  • Job profitability analysis

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Smartphone Applications

Query Anything provides users with mobile access to critical business information.

Query Anything is an agile and easy-to-use application that transforms your Apple Iphone, Apple Ipad, Android phone, BlackBerry phone into a flexible tool for querying your company’s database.

Query Anything is an indispensible tool for owners, managers, and IT groups who need more information at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere. It is also perfect for supplying key people with up-to-the-minute progress reports on sales data, production stats, accounting info, transactional data, inventory levels, and more. Take your information sharing and reporting services to the next level today with this powerful app.

Query Anything requires the purchase and installation of a server-side component that will provide for the connections to your database. This module, which is easily configurable, is available for all SQL Server databases.

Once the server-side component is installed, Query Anything will link to your Digi-Shop SQL Server database, allowing you to navigate your data, view critical benchmarks, and make key business decisions based on up-to-the-minute information.

  • Complete set of powerful management reports, ready to use
  • Email any report from right from your smartphone
  • Define user groups and privileges for each report
  • Create personalized reports for anyone to view on their smartphone or the web
  • Create and customize your own reports using native SQL views

To deploy the server side component – Query Anything requires either Midnight or Mail-Shop/Digi-Shop SQL v8.3 or higher, and a Microsoft Windows Server running IIS and

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888-970-9944 (Toll-free)

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