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Optical Comparator

For a closer look at barcode quality, and improved mailings at an affordable price.

Benifits & Features

  • Available versions analyze USPS POSTNET / PLANET codes, or the Intelligent Mail barcode
  • Delivers peace of mind by serving as an additional quality control measure
  • Allows fast and easy identification and resolution of barcode problems
  • Small, portable unit allows for responsive on-the-fly performance
  • Low cost ensures easy budgeting and fast ROI
Call for Pricing: 888-970-9944 (Toll-free)

For a closer look at barcode quality, and improved mailings at an affordable price.

These days no one can afford to pass up available postal discounts, and especially not due to barcode quality problems that could be easily solved before a mailing leaves your shop. That's why the Optical Comparator -- from BCC and Gage-Line® Technology, Inc. -- is an essential tool for any mailing operation.

Each handheld Optical Comparator features a barcode-specific reticle (for Intelligent Mail® or POSTNET™ codes) magnified by a 6x comparator lens and illuminated with a battery-operated LED light source. Using these compact devices, it's easy to visually determine whether a barcode meets USPS® requirements, or, if not, where within the barcode the problem may lie.

USPS approved and built to DMM® specifications, these units are priced to pay for themselves upon catching even one barcode problem.


For additional information contact FTI at 888-970-9944 or via e-mail at fti@freelancetech.com 

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