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Mailing Industry News

Mailing and Data Industry Events:


The USPS recently presented its most recent and, as far as we can tell, final position on Move Update Compliance and adjudication. Effective January 4, 2010 penalties for non-compliance of the move update rules put in place on November 23, 2008 will begin to take effect.

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Regulatory Matching:

If a mailing is found to have an error level of 50%, then 50% minus 30% (tolerance level) = 20% of the mailing that will is assessed $0.07 per piece. Any mailing that has five or fewer update errors is not assessed the fee, regardless of the percentage that is not updated.

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Standard Pre-sort Mailing:

In November 2008, the USPS began requiring NCOALink® processing with every presort mailing, whether it be first class or standard class. You must be processing your records once every 95 days and if every mailing has unique records, you MUST NCOALink® process EVERY time you do a mailing.

The Move Update standards provide ways for mailers to reduce the number of mail pieces that require forwarding or return by the periodic matching of a mailer's address records with customer-filed change-of-address orders. This is most applicable to Direct Mail marketing campaigns for business or non-profit.

On November 23, 2008:

All discounted FirstClass and Standard Mail (letters, flats, parcels and Not Flat-Machinables) must be updated with an approved Move Update (NCOALink®) method within 95 days of the mailing.

Significant noncompliance penalties starting January, 2010:

  • Standard Mail: $.07 per piece entire mailing
  • FirstClass Mail: full rate no discounts

For a brief synopsis of the information related to the USPS Move Update, please contact us.



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