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FTI Customer Comments: Online Training

"Our trainer was very knowledgeable and communicated very well through web-based training. What could have been an overly technical atmosphere was actually a pleasant experience - knowledge and humor combined."

"The trainer did not proceed onto other applications or processes until she had a confirmation that we understood the task."

"The software explanations & examples were clear & concise. We thoroughly enjoyed the training!"

"The advantage of web-based training was the focus placed on our company's use of the Business Objects (formerly FirstLogic) product. Thus our training was geared toward our needs. FTI's enthusiasm and humor made our six hour session very enjoyable."

“FTI Adjusted the materials to meet our needs. Where we were knowledgeable, they covered lightly, were we needed help is where they placed more concentration.” Aurora, IL

FTI Customer Comments: On-Site Training

“FTI gets high marks as far as I’m concerned!” Landover, MD

“Our Freelance Technologies Trainer has done a wonderful job, she was very knowledgeable and is a great teacher!” Upper Marlboro, MD

"FTI was very personable and friendly, a pleasure to learn from." Lynchburg, VA

“Very helpful, helped us set up several templates and mail merge processes.” Alexandria, VA

“She was very friendly and helpful in effectively explaining procedures and material.” Greenbelt, MD

"Tremendous knowledge of not only software, but also of postal system in general. Quick to answer questions definitively." Diamond Bar, CA

"Very knowledgeable about the whole process from beginning to end, able to answer every question relating to the mailing process. Very personable and thorough explanations." Walnut, CA

"A high-energy person that is very patient with a nice personality. Enjoyed the class to the fullest. Recommend Freelance Tech highly." Washington, DC

"Good presentation. Class environment was conducive to learning. Displayed patience with questions asked." Oxen Hill, NJ

"Instructor was great. She was very clear on her descriptions, pleasant, fast, concise…Worth twice what you are paying her!" Redmond, WA

"Knows how to keep the group motivated…Hopefully she can come back." Sleepy Eye, MN

"Instructor was approachable, knowledgeable, and extremely pleasant to work with. I would recommend her." Alexandria, VA

"Great in every way." New York, NY

FTI Customer Comments: Classroom Training

“I truly enjoyed this class, the instructor was beyond great! She made this learning experience very fun and educational at the same time. I love her way of teaching!” Sterling, VA

“This class is very helpful and will help me with my job when I return to work. Very impressed with the instructor and the material we get to keep.” Waynesboro, VA

“This BCC Class was better than the last one I took!” Dublin, CA

“I learned something new through each module. It truly shows the depth of what this software has to offer. Thank you!” Victoria, TX

“Great instructor – very informative, I learned a lot!” Quantico, VA

"Instructor has a great personality for this type of work." Chicago, IL

"She has experience & the latest information about the software. Her enthusiasm for this software and class made the difference. It made a good class a great one." Birmingham, AL

"I had all the questions answered which I had coming into this course. Course was well worth the investment of time and money." Philadelphia, PA

"She was terrific. She was very patient and her knowledge of the software far exceeded my expectations." Birmingham, AL

"Enjoyed having someone listen and be able to help with my problems. Covered every question anybody had and made sure we understood. Very patient. Good listener." Cambridge, MA

"Very patient and great ability to adapt content of course to students. Class size was great. More one on one time available than other courses I’ve attended." Waltham, MA

"The FTI Trainer was very professional…I will be sending my new supervisor to another training session if she will be the instructor. Freelance representatives do one "heck" of a job from the folks at registration right up to the instructor… it was worth it." Athens, OH

"Freelance did a good job working with the class. We had various levels of software knowledge and they handled the personalities quite well." San Diego, CA

"I think the Freelance Technologies instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable about this product. They work together flawlessly...Each complimenting one another. They make the experience very enjoyable and very informative." Severna Park, MD

"Our instructor was excellent. I was amazed by her level of knowledge and experience. Teaching skills were definitely above average." Conshohocken, PA

"Merge/Purge was most excellent." Tulsa, OK

"FTI is very professional in presenting the course materials. Their people skills are good and they have plenty of patience." New Symrna Beach, FL

"Our trainer had a wonderful attitude. I thoroughly enjoyed the class & I felt it was very informative. I called my supervisor at my lunch break to tell her how excited I was about the software & I’m looking forward to getting to work." Westlake Village, CA

"Very nicely done. Much, much better than any other training I have been to. It was a steady moving pace with a lot of humor added…very enjoyable." Fontana, CA


For information on scheduled training or on-site training, contact FTI at
(800) 854-8324 or
e-mail us at: FTI Training

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