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BCC Mail Manager 2010 Advanced Class

Online or On-Site Training available
Call 888-970-9944 for more information.

Description of MailManager 2010 Advanced Class:

This course provides the perfect opportunity to learn in a one on one
environment. Practice Exercises and Self Check Questions are included to
assist in user understanding.  Requirements:  Familiarity with Microsoft Windows.

  • Selectivity:
    Use “AND” and “OR” in same selection (nesting) by field instead of by value; Nth record sample options; InTable command; and range.

  • Calculated Expressions: Upper case fields; joining fields together; portions of fields; mathematical equations; and expression chart.

  • Indexes: Create an index based on specific fields to target duplicate detection, and use the indexes to check for duplicates.

  • Duplicate Checking: Hide selected records and use selection criteria for prioritization.

  • Importing: Merge and suppress records and using indexes.
  • Label Designer: Inkjet output options that may be necessary; driver issues (Windows and non-Windows); create labels with indicia, bitmaps, different fonts, constant or calculated text, text boxes, and multi-layout feature; and multi-print feature.

  • User Defined Reports: Create and modify reports; report bands; label and system variables; shapes; lines; graphics; regions; data components including data fields, memo fields, calculations, and text box components.

  • TaskMaster: Record, create, run, and edit job parameters

RESERVATIONS & PAYMENT: Pre-registration and prepayment are required for FTI’s classes. To register:

  • By phone - call FTI at (540) 949-7266 or (800) 854-8324,
  • Email -
  • Fax a registration form to (540) 949-8362.

To confirm your reservation, mail payment to:

Freelance Technologies Inc
Attn Training
27 Stoneridge Drive Suite 105
Waynesboro, VA 22980-6583

VISA, MasterCard, & AMEX Accepted

CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY: Prepayment is required. For government employees, government purchase orders are acceptable. You may cancel your registration 14 days before the training date and receive a full refund. If you cancel the training less than 14 days before the workshop date, no refund will be given. You may send a substitute in your place or register to attend another scheduled class within one year of your original scheduled workshop date. We reserve the right to cancel classes 14 days prior to the class.

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