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Satori Software produces industry-leading address management solutions for organizations that collect, maintain and mail to contact lists. In fulfilling the company’s mission to deliver an exceptional user experience, its products set new standards for ease-of-use and functionality.

Satori Software address management solutions help mailers and database administers increase overall address quality to reduce returned mail, gain faster delivery times, and save money on postage, address correction fees, and wasted literature.

A wide range of companies — from three-person catalog operations to Fortune 500 enterprises — already benefit from Satori Software products. Founded in 1982, Satori Software is privately owned and based in Seattle, Washington

Bulk Mailer

Bulk Mailer


Satori Software:
Simply Powerful Address Management Tools

  • Standard (up to 5000 records per mailing)
  • Professional (up to 1,000,000 records per mailing)
  • Business (unlimited records per mailing)

Bulk Mailer products deliver best volume mailing preparation in a stand-alone application.


Bulk Mailer

  • CASS Certified™ for address correction
  • PAVE™ certified postal presorting
  • Real-time*NCOALink®Link® service
  • Lowest postage rates
  • Prepares USPS® compliant mailings faster and more easily
  • Provides USPS® documentation
  • Custom high-speed printer support
  • Optional advanced presorts and more

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MailRoom ToolKit

MailRoom ToolKit products help you maintain the accuracy of your address data from point-of-entry and into the future. Protect your investment in lead-generation and customer retention programs. Increase your savings on document processing by adding integrated postal presorting and address verification.


MailRoom ToolKit

  • Ideal for call centers and other data-entry oriented tasks.
  • Save time and keystrokes. Enter minimal address data into the Capture rapid-entry window to complete and validate. Hit Enter to auto-populate local address collection forms with error-free address data.


MailRoom ToolKit

  • Designed specifically for integration with Microsoft Office applications like Excel and Access
  • MailRoom ToolKit Office delivers address correction and postal presorting. Access easy-to-use wizards for address correction, postal presorting and change-of-address processing through an integrated toolbar.


MailRoom ToolKit

  • Develop an address management solution that meets your unique needs. Validate addresses at point-of-entry on your website. Clean and update addresses in any database. Integrate postal presorting into your custom application.
  • Architect is built on .NET and COM for easy integration and maintenance.



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Read about our price guarantee


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