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USPS Mailing Software
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Options with Mail Manager

Mail Manager 2010

Expand Your Options with Mail Manager

BCC's value-added premium options enhance your Mail Manager direct mail software functionality and efficiency - helping you stay competitive, and making you a hero to your clients.

newBCC's total Palletization with First Class Option
BCC's total Palletization with First Class Option BCC's total Palletization suite performs tray, sack, and package-based palletized presorts for First Class, Standard Mail® and Periodicals. Users can drop-ship to multiple sites and print required pallet labels.

newTrack N Trace Reseller Site
This option provides users of BCC's prepaid Track N Trace service with a stand-alone Reseller Site -- branded with your own company logo, signature colors and key text -- that lets end-users access vital OneCode Confirm scan data at their convenience. Accounts are password-protected for end-user confidentiality, and all scan data records are stored on BCC's secure servers, to ensure worry-free accessibility without elaborate set-up or maintenance concerns.

Delivers powerful automation capabilities and enables unattended processing of multiple tasks. Automate the processing of mailing jobs, list maintenance tasks, and most other Mail Manager functions, and allocate resources to more important tasks by running jobs after-hours. Run entire jobs with a single command! Includes Record / Playback and scheduling features. New features include automated Data Services and presorting functionality.

Mail Manifesting

Allows you to document mailings containing pieces of different weights and thicknesses, to comply with the USPS® manifest mailing system and receive all eligible postal discounts. Perform a single class (e.g. First-Class Mail, Standard Mail or Bound Printed Matter) presort containing non-identical pieces with differing weights and thicknesses. Document postage and fees for all pieces in a mailing paid via permit imprint.

  • Generates USPS-approved documentation for mailpieces of different weights and thicknesses
  • Maximizes access to postal discounts
  • Streamlines mailpiece processing and production
  • Eliminates need to batch-process variable-piece mailing jobs

BCC's total Palletization suite performs tray, sack, and package-based palletized presorts for First Class, Standard Mail® and Periodicals. Users can drop-ship to multiple sites and print required pallet labels. Group mailpieces on pallets for destination discounts and labor reduction.

Residential Delivery Indicator
Lets you easily distinguish between business and residential addresses within a list, ensuring educated carrier decisions for maximum shipping discounts. Flag residential addresses that might cost extra postage through your current carrier and look for a more economical carrier to ship those mailpieces.

Firm Packaging
Identify FIRM packs in a Periodical mailing job and bundle together pieces being delivered to the same location. Receive significant postage savings since a piece rate is applied only to the first piece in a bundle, while others are charged by weight. For non-automated Carrier Route Periodical mailings.

Package Services
Apply postal discounts and print required USPS documentation for easier processing. Bound Printed Matter/Parcel Post and Media Mail/Library Mail are available individually or as a suite.

Monthly ZIP + 4, DPV and LACSLink data updates
Get the most up-to-date address quality by doubling the frequency of USPS supplied (on a monthly vs bi-monthly basis) ZIP + 4, DPV and LACSLink data updates.

MOVE Manager
Allows you to become a USPS licensee and perform your own in-houseNCOALink®Link™ processing. End User (EU), Limited Service Provider (LSP), and Full Service Provider (FSP) options are available. Separate USPS fees apply.

Mail.dat File Creation
Create a database used to communicate mailing information to clients, between departments, and to the USPS via the PostalOne!® website. Eliminate the need for hard copy reports and make updates to last-minute changes easier. Allows you to save the details of a mailing electronically (using the industry-standard Mail.dat file format) instead of hand-preparing paperwork. Electronic storage and transmission saves time, office space and money.
Separate fees apply.

Mail Manager Network
The easy way to share mailing lists between multiple users on a computer network. Provide up to 5 client installs connected to a common server and access files used and produced from other workstations.

Allows direct import/export to SCSI tape without creating intermediate disk files. Label images may be generated directly in formats including Marconi Systems, Scitex, Admark, Prism, and Domino.

Track N Trace(R) details:

Do You Know Where Your Mailings Are?

With the advanced Performance Reports and Export Report functionality available in Track N Trace(R)--Bell and Howell's OneCode Confirm(R) option fully integrated into Mail Manager solutions—you'll know where your mailings are every step of the way through the mailstream, for greater visibility, predictability and accountability.

Track N Trace users can take advantage of the following enhanced reporting and exporting capabilities when tracking their mailings:

Performance Reports – Provide detailed data about the delivery of mailing jobs.

Delivery Summary report - View mailpiece performance by specific 5-digit ZIP Code(TM), three digit range, state, or export data for all mailpieces using the Export Report feature.
Scan Detail report - View individual mailpiece scan data on demand, with multiple search criteria fields available to narrow results.

Data Exports - Request data exports for all mailpieces, specific mailpieces, or for scan data within a mailing, and have a link sent to a user-specified e-mail address where it can then be exported into a database for further analysis.

Mailpiece Export - Extract mailpiece data for all mailpieces, mailpieces that have not received a scan, or mailpieces either with or without an estimated delivery date. Data can be limited to ZIP code or estimated delivery date range.
Scan Export - Extract both mailpiece and scan data for all mailpieces having scans or mailpieces either with or without an estimated delivery date. Data can be limited to ZIP code or estimated delivery date range.


Since 1986, FTI has provided mailing software solutions to clients around the Washington DC area and the country. FTI has the expertise to advise your business or organization which software is the best choice for your application.

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Read about our price guarantee

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